Ambassador Events

Amachi Ambassadors Youth Organizing & Leadership

All events listed on this page are for current and prospective Amachi Ambassador program participants only, unless stated otherwise. Thank you!

Ambassador Saturday Calendar – 2017




November 19: Ambassador Recruitment Event

November 12: MESS Summit
    Ambassador Participant and Presenter: Jahonna

    September 24: Women’s Walk for Peace
      Ambassador Participant: Jahonna

      July 28: ZTAC Public Hearing in Harrisburg, PA
        Ambassador testimonials: Na’taya & Iyonna

        July 27: Steeltown Film Day
          Ambassador Participants: Iyonna, KeeShawn, Ginnie, Lamarr, Todd & Tiger

          June 25-26: Ambassador Retreat
            Ambassador Participants: Ronnea, Teiara, Tiger, Racheena, Ginnie, Jack, Na’taya, Michael, Myeir, Ty’ki & Khalil

            April 14: American Academy of Pediatrics – Health Impacts of Parental Incarceration on Children
              Ambassador Speaker: Jahonna & family

              February 27: VOICES Focus Group with The Pittsburgh Foundation & Clayton Academy
                Ambassador Participants: Ronnea, Teiara, Lamarr, Tiger, Racheena, Drea & Jack

                Amachi.Clayton_JuvenileJusticeFocusGroup2.27.16 February 27: No More! Project Performance
                  Ambassador Attendees: Ronnea, Teiara, Racheena, Ginnie, Ranaija, Myeir & Michael

                  January 23: 18th Annual Summit Against Racism
                    Ambassador Workshop Presenters: Teiara & Na’taya


                    November 5: National Conference on Higher Education in Prison Community Kickoff featuring a public debate with Amachi Ambassadors and Jasiri X!
                      Ambassador Debate Team: Iyonna, KeeShawn, Jahonna, Laniya, Ginnie & Tiger

                      November 7: Media Empowerment Student Summit (MESS)

                      October 2-3: Sign-making Day and African American Heritage Day Parade
                        Ambassador Sign-Makers: Teiara, Ronnea, Lamarr, Iyonna, KeeShawn, Jahonna, Laniya, Racheena & Tiger
                      Ambassador Marchers: Teiara, Ronnea, Lamarr, Khalil, Iyonna, Jahonna, Laniya & Imoni

                      August 15: Kennywood

                        August 4 & 5: FREE HER Justice Advocacy Conference – Boston, Massachusetts
                          Ambassador Attendee: Racheena

                          July 9-12: Free Minds, Free People Conference – Oakland, California
                            Ambassador Speakers: Ronnea & D’Angelo
                              Ambassador Attendees: Ginnie & Myeir

                              June 12-14: Ambassadors Retreat – Family Retreat Center

                              May 30: Canvassing Day – Southside

                              April 24-26: Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) Conference – Napa Valley, California
                                Ambassador Speaker: Tiger

                                April 4: Romp n’ Roll Recruitment Event


                                January 11: Reading Extravaganza!
                              Amachi Ambassadors teamed up with Reading Warriors to plan a Reading Extravaganza to promote literacy among children and to get them excited about reading books! The event was highlighted in The Bulletin. A Publication of The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation. Check it out on page 12!  

                              April 24: Future Focus
                            Ambassador D’Angelo co-faciliatated a youth leadership workshop with youth from Higher Achievement!  

                            September 13: Play by the Fire Recruitment Event
                          Our Amachi Ambassadors has a great time at Pittsburgh Glass Center’s Play by the Fire event, making screenprints and buttons and eating s’mores!


                          August 5: Annual NOBLE Conference
                        Executive Director, Anna Hollis, and Amachi Ambassador and mentee, D’Angelo, spoke at a mentoring workshop during the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) conference. We are extremely proud of D’Angelo, who eloquently shared his personal story and spoke about his positive experience with mentoring.